Royal Delft Blue ONSOCKS - 5 socks

Royal Delft Blue ONSOCKS - 5 socks

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Fabrics: 70% cotton (of which 85% recycled), 19% spandex, 7% polyamide, 4% natural rubber
Produced in The Hague, the Netherlands

All series of ONSOCKS consist of beautiful series of 5 unique socks that go together in any combination (so no even pairs).

Delft Blue. Made in Delft. Locally. But then again, does Delft Blue really belong to the city of Delft?

Delf Blue stands for top-notch quality and unique handcrafted products. And yet, Delft Blue was not particularly born in Delft. If you look closer, you can see the most beautiful patterns. Lines beyond Delft. From every corner of the world, you can see the impacts that have triggered the evolution of Delft Blue. The manufacture and type of images on Delft Blue have been subject to a never-ending change.

Across the centuries, war and matters of faith encouraged migration. Artists and craftsmen left house and home to settle hundreds of miles away – where life was safe – and continue to perform their profession. This meant new influences, obviously. Sharing knowledge, inspiration and skills is exactly what has made Delft Blue even more beautiful and interesting, time and again. The colour, solidness, and refinedness of the image. High Definition instead of ‘Black and White’.

Now, let us hold on to this approach here and now. Let us embrace rather than exclude each other’s strength and diversity. In a world that has never been so connected as ours, we can, and we must continue to rely on each other’s knowledge and expertise. It will make us stronger, better, more interesting and layered. To be different is a good thing. Especially if you are wearing Delft Blue socks.

Alle series van ONSOCKS bestaan uit 5 unieke sokken die in iedere combinatie bij elkaar passen. Altijd verschillende sokken die toch matchen. 2 voeten, 5 sokken, 10 manieren om een uniek paar sokken te dragen. Dare To Wear Different.